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Our philosophy

Creatività Italiana e Persone Dinamiche

La Nostra Filosofia

UBC embarked on its journey in 2014 and quickly shot to the top of its market, now ranking among the leading manufacturers of sneakers. With facilities in France, Germany and Hong Kong, we have an impressive collection of over 6,000 models and deliver 8 new collections per season, all bearing the most prestigious names in Italian sports and casual wear: Head, Benetton Group, Gas Jeans, U.S. Grand Polo e Navigare.

Numbers paint a picture of success

Impressive numbers paint a very positive picture of UBC’s achievements: based in the new, modern Quinto Vicentino facility, home to a large showroom and beating heart of the whole supply chain, we produce three million pairs of sneakers every year, as well as 500,000 garments, which we sell through 1,000 retail outlets, generating a turnover in excess of 35,5 million euros and rising.

An extraordinary result, the product of a wide-reaching strategy that began with procuring licences from various brands and subsequently involved establishing a style and design centre promoting a high level of innovation, initiating positive collaborations with Chinese manufacturers, and setting up solid partnerships with the main distribution chains in Italy and abroad.

The beating heart of the project

Every day, the UBC style and design centre witnesses the birth of new ideas spawned by continuous research into materials, technologies, fabrics and market trends. A breeding ground for innovation and creativity that harnesses experience, expertise and energy to take the look, comfort and performance of footwear to ever greater heights, while keeping true Italian Style front and centre at every turn.

Building on the outstanding values of Italy’s great footwear tradition, a team of highly creatively minded professionals, engineers and designers deliver new sneaker solutions without ever losing sight of the underlying theme identifying the then and the now of the brands they are asked to work on. The result is consistently original and unmistakable on-trend collections with a strong personality.

Style and innovation, it’s what we do

Putting a unique stamp on comfort and performance

Which is why we’ve channelled considerable resources and investments into optimizing the sole construction process. Made from vulcanized natural rubber with expanded polyurethane inserts and manufactured using a process known as the “Ideal”, the undersides of UBC designed sneakers stand out for their light weight, ruggedness, comfort and great shock-absorbing properties.

Italian style for every lifestyle

Interpretation tailored to each brand. One of the main reasons UBC enjoys such a great reputation is our ability to breathe new life into the image of our licensed brands, not only interpreting the exterior image, but capturing the underlying spirit, that extra something that has made them symbols of Italian style, of trend-setting fashion.

And so consumers who love the look of Head for sport, Benetton Group for the liveliness of colors, Gas Jeans for casual wear, U.S. Grand Polo for timeless elegance and Navigare for leisure, find that essence echoed in UBC sneakers, the ideal solution for adding that coordinating finishing touch to a look, to create contemporary outfits that pack a visual punch.

In UBC’s carefully chosen manufacturing facilities in the Far East region and, above all, in China, the company’s managers are a constant presence. Professionals with in depth knowledge of the dynamics and critical issues of the Chinese industrial world have not only managed to build an effective production model, backed by a quality control system that meticulously supervises every stage of the cycle, but have also been successful in creating an information chain that by establishing a realtime connection between Italian offices and their Chinese counterparts allows for fast decisionmaking, immediate checks and prompt intervention.

We export to over around the world

With effective organization, time and space. are no barrier.

Esportiamo in Oltre 23 Paesi nel Mondo

Organizzati per dominare il tempo e lo spazio

A flair for speed and flexibility

One of the keys to UBC’s competitiveness is our ability to design, produce and launch never before seen collections of sneakers designed to cater promptly to the consumers’ ever changing desires. And while this is undeniably one of our strengths, it wouldn’t be possible without the prompt and reliable operation of an efficient, flexible manufacturing organization working behind the scenes, capable of fielding new demands and satisfying them within the fashion market’s ever more demanding time frames.

It’s in this very sense that UBC is so successful: a business that is receptive, with its finger firmly on the fashion market’s pulse ready to detect the latest stimuli; skilful in interpreting them, designing on trend models; and flexible in redirecting production without any interruption.

Consistently steady growth

The right response to every question right now


Responsiveness is a concept underpinning all UBC’s activities, which is hardly surprising for an organization that relies so heavily on fast decision-making and equally fast action, while still manufacturing to the highest standards of quality and maintaining the utmost respect for the tradition of Italian made footwear. So, when the market calls, we’re ready to act, catering to its latest demands all the way down our supply chain, from the design department through to the facilities where skilfully conceived sneaker designs are turned into expertly crafted innovative models to meet the market’s emerging tastes.

This means responsive production, a synergetic spiral of initiatives that involves all departments from research into materials to technological evolution, from design to product development, from manufacture to marketing and from communication to distribution – all of which is supervised directly by the company’s managers.

Widespread distribution

 Deliveries all over the world, smooth and controlled

A perfectly efficient sales network

UBC has an impressively large and extensively optimized sales network, stretching from our headquarters to branches in Germany, France and Hong Kong, which are all 100% owned by the parent company. Its main task is to make sure purchase and sales volumes are perfectly synchronized in order to ensure a fast, on time distribution flow to all customers located in over twenty countries worldwide.

This is how we ensure that UBC sneakers produced in full compliance with the standards in force in the different geographical areas and various countries are delivered punctually to over a thousand qualified sales centres throughout Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Scandinavian countries, the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Romania, Hungary, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, China, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Administration and Finance

The entire business is controlled by a highly efficient administrative division

We let the figures do our talking

Good administration has always been a deciding factor in ubc’s evolution. Rigorous and transparent, it manages everyday affairs with meticulous care while adopting a professional and far-sighted future oriented approach, planning how to open up new prospects for the future. A business model that has successfully gained the trust of the financial market, as attested by the considerable success already achieved on the stock exchange.

Having made it onto the prestigious and very short list of Elite companies and with our accounts certified by the auditing firm Ernst & Young, we have requested a public rating and are planning to soon enter thecapital market.