Elite is a unique integrated services platform designed to help small and medium sized enterprises accomplish their planned growth.

 Through ELITE, companies access the industrial, financial and organisational expertise they need to rise to the challenges of the international markets.

ELITE caters for the best Italian companies. With a three- phase programme, it helps them map out their path to a successful future, because it supports them through a process of cultural and organisational change, it brings them closer to the capital markets, improves relations with the banking and enterprise sector and favours internationalisation.

UBC joined the Elite project in 2016. After two years in the programme, it entered step two, Get Fit, in October 2018, with the ELITE Certificate of Quality.

Phase one – Get Ready: consists in training that stimulates change, by means of an innovative programme involving entrepreneurs, successful managers and experts. All the recommendations and guidelines learnt during the Get Ready phase are put into practice in phase two.

Phase two – Get Fit: at this stage in the ELITE programme, the companies, like in training, implement the expedient changes to optimally develop their growth plan.

By taking a self assessment test, your enterprise will be able to pinpoint those areas requiring improvement on which you need to work, in order to obtain, as such, on completion of training, the ELITE Certificate of Quality, which identifies those of outstanding excellence that are ready for the Get Value phase.

After obtaining the ELITE Certificate of Quality, you gain access to a select international community of investors, professionals and enterprises. An ELITE company is more transparent, more efficient, enjoys more exposure and is more attractive to potential investors. You will therefore be able to seize exclusive business and networking opportunities with:

Private Equity Firms And International Investor

Banking Sector

Entrepreneurs And Management Of Groups Listed On The Stock Exchange

Network Of Professionals Of The Italian Stock Exchange Serving Enterprises